3D treatments and epithesis involve the reconstruction of custom-made implants and prostheses for patients who have severe bone loss secondary to trauma or congenital defects.

Custom made implants and prostheses for patients are based on osseointegration and biocompatibility (for jaw, facial, cranial and finger joint prostheses).

We are at your service, with the technology developed by

Dr.G.T. for the specific needs of each patient and we obtain 3D, aesthetic and functional results. The implants are made of materials that are completely compatible with tissue and are completely non-toxic.

Maxillofacial EPITHESIS involve the reconstruction of implants and individual prostheses for facial defects (nasal, auricular and chin prostheses).

Our implants are made of titanium, silicone, cobalt-chromium and materials based on acrylic and glass ceramic.

The entire method also allows excellent aesthetic results in a relatively short time.

* You could send us a single plan (axial, coronal or sagittal) of your patient, with images spaced 0.5mm (computerized tomography) via e-mail.


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